QUESTION: what is your “take" on Dominion/Kingdom Now theology?



ANSWER: There's a lot of good stuff written on KN, both in print and on the net.  Feel free to supplement my brief comments with these critiques.


KN revives the belief of the Zealots of Jesus' day that the Kingdom of God is to be initiated by human effort.  It is an extreme version of the kind of Christian triumphalism that produced the Crusades.  At its core is the fundamental belief that Jesus is "restrained in the heavenlies" until we as Christians institute His kingdom on earth by taking over every human institution, from the local parks and recreation board to the presidency.  One problem with this theology is an almost complete lack of biblical underpinning.  Another problem regards Jesus' teaching on the Kingdom: it is "WITHIN YOU" and it is "NOT OF THIS WORLD."  Another problem is the anthropocentricity (man-centered) nature of the movement.  The Bible, on the other hand, is a THEOcentric book: history and the future are determined by HIM, and are ultimately not up to us.  Our responsibility as Christians is to obey Him and serve His creatures in a humility and honesty that properly represents Him.


Wave Nunnally, Ph.D.